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Axel control arm

Tired of feeling like you're constantly driving over potholes and gravel? Contact 1 Mi Taller Auto Repair Corp. to make sure that your drive is easy and comfortable for you and your passengers. Whether you want a thorough inspection of your axel control arms, ball-joints, or struts, we're your one-stop shop for suspension inspection and repair.

Exceptional Suspension Care For A Smooth Ride

We know your suspension is more than shocks and struts. Trust us to thoroughly inspect your ball-joints, links, and axles when you come to us for your suspension inspection.

Thorough Suspension Inspection For Your Car

With military discounts and some of the best prices on service and repairs, we ensure you get the care you need at a price you can afford. Trust us to give you quality suspension service within your budget today.

Affordable Suspension Repair

Call today to get suspension care for

your automobile.