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Toyota- camry

Never worry about your safety or comfort when you choose us. At 1 Mi Taller Auto Repair Corp., we don't treat our customers like strangers, we treat them like family. That's why most of our customers are repeats. Experience the difference in service and care when you choose us for your next trip.

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Toyota Camry:

Regular Brake Pads: $35

Orig Toyota Brake Pads: $65

Shell 20w/50 Oil: $30

Orig Toyota Oil: $55



Wagner Brake Pads: $80

Reg Brake Pads: $60

Castrol High Millage Oil change: $40

Mobile Synthetic Oil Change: $55



Motorcraft Brake Pads: $65

Reg. Brake Pads: $30

Shell 20w/50 Oil: $30

Motorcraft 10/40 Oil change: $40 with original filter

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Having your taxi out of order can prevent you from making the money you need to keep your family financially afloat. Don't let your taxi or car remain neglected and out of order. Trust us to give your car the repairs it needs. We provide discounts for old TLC drivers. We are specialized in TLC inspections.

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